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Your vision is our priority, which is why we care so much.

  • We believe everyone deserves to have a clear comfortable vision at all times.
  • We pride ourselves in providing excellent quality eye care management.
  • For us, what we do goes beyond just prescribing spectacles and contact lenses. We want to see people see what they were not able to see before.
  • The most important person in the practice is YOU. Helping you see better is everything to us.
  • We are part of a large community that we care about and so we have created an environment for people to experience VALUE when they visit us.

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Highly recommended Norkem Optometrist as the service you get from them is world class. The staff is very good at what they do and I absolutely love how the prioritize my needs.


To whom it may concern, I have been using Norkem Optometrist for the past 3 years or longer. During this period I have had 3 prescription glasses made up by them. I have always received excellent assessments, prompt service and a quality product. Whenever there were issues that required attention, these were dealt with forthwith. I would definitely recommend Norkem Optometrists to family and friends.

JS Nell

Products and Services

What Optometry services does Norkem Optometrist provide?

  • Eye Examination
  • Driver Licence Screening
  • Cycloplegic Refraction
  • Pathology Screening
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
  • Macular Pigment Screening
  • Scleral Contact Lens Fitting
  • Myopia Control

Is there a lab onsite?

  • Yes

How long does it take to order spectacles

  • 2-10 working days depending on the product required

What equipment does the practice use

  • 1 x Nidek Automated Phoropter
  • 1 x Standard Phoropter
  • Tonometer
  • Canon Fundus Camera
  • Auto Refractor
  • OCT
  • Keratometer
  • Macular Pigment Screener
  • Zeiss mobile

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Book your appointment today

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Shop 5, Norkem Corner, Mooirivier drive, Norkem Park, Gauteng, South Africa
Call us on 011 972 6177
Optometry Practice with over 20 years` years’ experience getting people to see clearer.