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About Us

We are optometrists with over 20 years of experience, here to help you see clearer

About Norkem Optometrist

Optometry Practice with over 20 years of experiences getting people to see clearer.

Your vision is our priority, which is why we care so much.

We know how frustrated and uncomfortable you are with how you see. Let us help you see better.

 Secure your appointment today and change the way you see the world.




I was born and raised in Kempton Park, and am now living in Pretoria with my amazing daughter Carli.

To me, life is all about love, appreciation, experience and learning. I absolutely love photography, birding, travel and spending time with my loved ones.
I would have loved to meet Leonardo Da Vinci, a real inspiration!

Running the business with all of its intricacies can keep me busy. Luckily I have an effective team to work with, and that gives me time to do what I enjoy most, spending time with my patients.

As the owner of Norkem Optometrist, I have been part of this amazing community for 21 years.

Having been here for so long, I had the privilege to get to know the person behind the patient. Many life lessons learned from many amazing people in our community.

I would love to play even a little part in helping people to live their dream, by improving their sight.

My purpose and passion is to create the best vision solution for each individual.


I am an Afrikaans Christian girl who grew up in the windy and friendly city of Port Elizabeth and came to Gauteng to study at RAU. I am a wife, a mother of 2 and an Optometrist. I have also been an English teacher in Taiwan and have completed a Bachelors in Accounting Science. I enjoy nature activities, love dancing and enjoy great music.

I am responsible to give you a thorough comprehensive optometric examination and assist you to identify which eye-care solution will best suit your needs. Your primary health and visual function is my concern.

I have been working at Norkem Optometrist since September 2005 – an unbelievable 14 years.

I love helping patients because I enjoy their joy and appreciation.

I love that, with Optometry, I am able to make a difference in people’s lives.


I am a very assertive person and 100% customer-driven. I love animals and nature. I am a confident, reliable, hardworking and honest person. I am also flexible, I take initiative, a team player and always eager to learn.

I love helping patients because to me, making another human smile gives me the motivation to be the best I can be. I believe when you do the best to help others it makes life easier and creates a calm and willing atmosphere.

I am in the practice for 6 years and counting.

I have a passion for Optometry because of the change it brings to people’s lives.

I strongly believe that if your vision is dark your life is dark🙈 ….. Contributing to help others see is only but an inspiration to me

Thobile M

I am a very quiet person and love to sing 🎶 🎼

I have been with Norkem Optometrist for over two years now.

Absolutely love helping patients because I would love to see them being comfortable in the spectacles they choose otherwise if they don’t choose something they like they end up not wearing their glasses👓 and that might lead to making their vision deteriorate.

I love the fact that we can help people take care of their eyes👀 as they are important as any part of their body.


I’m a proud wife and mother of 2.

Life is a Blessing – that’s my motto!!

I’ve been with the team since February 2019.

I love seeing patients happy with their glasses or contact lenses and interacting with people from all walks of life, from young to old, as there is never a dull moment.

So simple…just a pair of glasses….a life changed forever!

Thobile P

I am a loving and very passionate person, who loves working with people.
In the 8 months, I have been working in the practice, I have found myself to be the go-to person in the practice.

Why do I love helping people?
You get to so many patients with different personalities, and it is a constant learning experience for me.

What do I love about Optometry?
It`s all about carrying for the patient and ensuring they are taking real good care of their vision.